BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from a pizza celebration to bad brains

Finally, a place to go where a pizza face is honored and respected.
Finally, a place to go where a pizza face is honored and respected.

It’s another dang Tuesday, but at least it’s Tuesday in the summer. On a Tuesday in the summer, you can get outside and enjoy things, as opposed to any upcoming Tuesdays in October and November, where if it’s warm enough to enjoy anything outside you have to worry about this finally being the day it’s so hot worldwide the ice caps finish melting and the angry ocean swallows you. So! Here’s some fun things to do, found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. Get out there and enjoy one.

Predating Marvel’s “Civil War” run by two years, the story of superheroes forced to retire by the government because of all their collateral damage, and the villain whose dastardly plan is to give everyone in the world superpowers is a kind of Randian, but it looks really nice, so you may as well just go with it. Also, tonight’s food pairing for the screening is meatloaf sandwiches and ice cream sandwiches, so just watch the pretty pictures and don’t think about the Ubermensch while you watch.
8pm, Louis Valentino Jr. Pier Park, Ferris Street and Coffey Street, Red Hook, FREE

Do you maybe feel like improv doesn’t usually have enough beer to go along with it? I mean for the performers, not for you the audience. If that’s the case, BeerProv seems like it could interest you, since beyond being an improv show where you hold the fate of who wins in your hands, the fate holding also determines who gets to chug a giant beer at the night.
8pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Gowanus, $10

Usually when people start throwing around words like “retrospective,” it means the subject of it might be dying or retiring. Fortunately in this case, pizza is not going anywhere, so you enjoy performers giving monologues about pizza, roasting pizza, singing songs about it and a keynote speech on the state of pizza without worrying that pizza will be unavailable to you in the coming days.
10pm, Over the Eight, 594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

Are you worried about the present, and things like your job status, paying your rent and keeping a foothold in New York? Hah, how silly to worry about that when you could instead go to the Secret Science Club tonight and learn to worry about the ticking time bomb of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson’s just waiting to explode in numbers in the near future. Now that’s something to fear.
8pm, The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Gowanus, FREE

Maybe sometimes you read a book and come across characters eating what sounds like great food, and instead of the usual practice of using your imagination, you want that food in front of you in the physical world. Author and former butcher Cara Nicoletti has felt the same way, but she can actually cook. So in her new book, she’s got recipes from her favorite books, like chocolate eclairs featured in Mrs. Dalloway and breakfast sausage from Little House in the Big Woods. Best of all, at her reading tonight, she’s bringing treats to share.
7:30pm, Greenlight Books, 686 Fulton Street, Fort Greene, FREE

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