BK Top 5: The best things to do in Brooklyn tonight, from chocolate comedy to Brooklyn history lessons

More like "laughs by chocolate."
More like “laughs by chocolate.”

Wooo Thursday, let’s do this! One day until Friday and the weekend’s warm embrace! We did it everyone, we lived until another Thursday. That’s always worth celebrating, and there’s plenty of ways you can do that, especially if you choose one of these fun nights out as found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar.

Rarely is it a bad decision to go and do something in Red Hook, and tonight is no exception to that rule. Instead of forcing you to choose between learning about a very specific immigrant experience (Norwegian) in New York or listening to bluegrass music, you can do both, with speakers who’ll go over said experience and then a performance by Norwegian bluegrass group The Paradise Mountain Boys. Be honest, did you know they even had bluegrass in Norway?
7pm, Atelier Roquette, 63 Commerce Street, Red Hook, $16

Oh, another way to spend time in Red Hook tonight? Hey why not, it’s still warm enough to bike there, and how often do you get to go to a comedy show at a chocolate factory? Probably never, as we all know that candy factory owners are notorious recluses. Tonight though, the doors of the Raaka chocolate factory will be thrown open so that you can enjoy laughs courtesy of Myq Kaplan, Ophira Eisenberg and head writer on SNL Brian Tucker.
7:30pm, Raaka Chocolate, 64 Seabring Street, Red Hook, $7

If you’re looking for love AND learning tonight, you’ve got a few hours left to snap up a speed dating ticket for $25 if you’re a dude. Get it together dudes. However, some of you might just be looking for learning, in which case there are plenty of cheaper tickets for you to learn about the city’s wonderful tabloid history in the Jazz Age and the mechanics of 1898’s New York City consolidation, which some people still haven’t gotten over. And then I don’t know, maybe you can try to pick up someone who seems dissatisfied with the speed dating.
7pm, Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepoint Street, Brooklyn Heights, $10

Just because it’s Thursday doesn’t mean you HAVE to go out and get hammered. You could do something more low key, like playing some cards during happy hour at one of Brooklyn’s many bars while letting someone else take care of the music. Of course, given that this is a Cards Against Humanity happy hour and your DJ is our pal Richard Burroughs aka Dick at Nite, even this early happy hour might turn things into a little more high key of a night than you were expecting. Eh, you’ll live.
4pm, Bed-Vyne Brew, 370 Tompkins Avenue, Bed-Stuy, FREE

With all the people and the back alleys and shadowy unlit corners, New York City is of course a natural setting for a noir story. There’s more to it than that though, and while I’m no noir expert, Nathan Ward just wrote a book about how Dashiell Hammett became one of the country’s most beloved noir authors, which he’ll be talking about tonight with fellow¬†author and excavator of the past Kevin Parker. They can tell you a bit more about what goes into a great noir story other than just repeating the word “dames” over and over.
7pm, WORD, 126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, FREE

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