You can now buy Biggie Smalls merch from his daughter at her new Boerum Hill shop

Today, the 24-year-old daughter of the Notorious B.I.G., T’yanna Wallace, opened Notoriouss Clothing at 514 Atlantic Ave. (next door to Hank’s Saloon) in Boerum Hill, BET reported. The shop’s grand opening was star-studded, with DJs and Biggie’s former friends coming out to celebrate the store’s birth over two decades since Biggie’s murder.

Biggie Smalls’ name and image have long been exploited as a recognizable, hip, and thus profitable association for everything from catfish sandwiches to vintage t-shirts. Like many celebrities who have become beacons of authenticity, especially from beyond the grave, Christopher Wallace is highly marketable, even when what is being marketed has little to no actual relevance to the deceased rapper. The Notorious B.I.G.’s capitalistic appeal runs even deeper than most due to his Brooklyn connection – companies using his image can exude the allure of both BK and hip hop with a single crowned punum.

In 2017, wearing Biggie apparel has become commonplace and speaks to the wearer’s love and understanding of Biggie and Brooklyn about as deeply as an I <3 NYC shirt. For that reason in particular, T’yanna’s Notoriouss shop offers a unique opportunity to Biggie fans: the ability to invest in the B.I.G.’s image while directly benefitting his family. It’s not everyday merch like this is made locally available from brick and mortar stores, allowing fans to rep deceased rappers with clothing sold by their daughters. Biggie’s legacy remains intact, but his brand is largely sold out and overused by everyone from Spencer’s to Zumiez.

If you really want to show Biggie some love, buy that Notorious shirt from his daughter.

[H/t: BET]

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