Phin & Phebe’s is just one of the ice cream brands you’ll be able to scream for there. Please ask nicely instead of screaming, though. via Facebook

How do you beat the heat in the summer? Don’t cry in a vain attempt to spread some moisture on your face, that’s just gonna dehydrate you. Instead, eat ice cream! Brooklyn has a few ice cream shops, and now it’s about to get another one in Fort Greene, from mini-Fulton Street empire Greene Grape, who’s opening an ice cream shop on June 24.

The welcoming news comes courtesy of DNA Info, who reports that Greene Grape Scoops will be opening in the old Greene Grape Annex space at 680 Fulton Street. This particularly shop won’t be mixing up their own ice cream, instead they’ll be serving up scoops from local creameries like Blue Marble, Phin & Phebes,Adirondack Creamery and Ronnybrook.

This is great news because the world can of course always use a couple more ice cream shops, and also because it means that in almost one trip you can get a free beer at Annex and then wander across the street for a cone. That is, if you’re like us and you want something sweet after you drink a beer.

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