Get your free menstrual cups today from these activists!

sustainable cycles
They’ve really endorsed the menstrual cup life. via Facebook

We’ve talked about it on Brokelyn a couple of times, but if you want to make a small impact on the world AND save money, you should switch from pads or tampons to menstrual cups. Maybe you’re curious but weren’t quite swayed by UCB’s screaming vagina encouraging their use. In that case, you can learn from a non-screaming human when a group of bike-riding activists roll into Brooklyn to give a workshop on menstrual cups and give you one to take home yourself.

Sustainable Cycles is a group of activists who are committed to getting women to move away from disposable menstruation products and towards the use of sustainable, reusable ones. To make their name even more of a pun, they go on bike-powered tours, stopping into cities along the way to preach the gospel of sustainable menstruation. They’ve been on a cross-country tour for the past couple of months, going all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast, holding menstrual cup workshops and giving curious women who show up cups of their own.

You can now get in on the fun, with the group showing up in Brooklyn on Wednesday, May 27 for a workshop at Greenhouse Yoga (783 Driggs Avenue) from 2pm to 4pm. While there, you can learn all about sustainable ways to manage your period, have any questions about sustainable menstruation answered AND walk away with your own menstrual cup. A free menstrual cup puts you a few dollars closer to saving the $1000 over the course of your life that you’d save not spending on pads and tampons, and you know how you need every financial edge you can get in this city.

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