Crown Heights

Bicycle Roots hosting free women’s bike repair clinic on Saturday

broken bike
This might be beyond the help of the clinic though. via Flickr user Janne Moren

Has your bike barely survived this winter without falling apart, the same that the rest of us have? No shame in that, it’s been a tough winter for things being sentient and non-sentient. But if you want to give it some love, and you’re a lady or identify as one, WE Bike NYC invites you to Crown Heights’ Bicycle Roots at 6pm on Saturday evening to get a rundown on how to get your bike ready for spring and summer. Sorry, no boys allowed though.

The WE Bike repair clinic will go over things like cleaning your bike, prepping it for long rides, how to tell if everything is in working order or if it needs fixing, how to fix a flat (perhaps with a patch kit?) and other general bike maintenance tips. This is essential spring/summer knowledge, because the last thing you want it to miss out a ride down to Rockaway because you don’t know how to fix a flat.

And then, because it’s the weekend and everyone’s in a good mood, everyone there gets 10% off anything you decide to buy while at the shop. The clinic itself is free though, so that’s exciting. If you feel the need to pay, just pay it forward and the next time you see someone struggling with their bike, stop by and say “Hey, I get this, I went to a clinic.”

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