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The 20 best cheap things to do this weekend, sticker edition

1. Detox your mind and your closet at Swapping is the New Shopping, and let go of what you do not need, so bring all you want and swap it with friends for something else, and what’s left will be donated. (Friday, Daya Yoga Studio, FREE)

2. Play around at Wonderville Fundraiser and support Death By Audio Arcade, which has been installing handmade arcade cabinets built by local game developers and their opportunity to have their own space. (Friday, Elsewhere Loft, FREE)

3. Get sticky at the Sticker Bomb Street Art Show, showcasing sticker art from all over the world, and the first 50 people will receive a free sticker pack, so bring your own stickers to slap up. (Friday, Color Scenes, $10)

4. Rock out at Basement Show w/ Stuyedeyed and catch a DIY show in the basement of someone’s apartment, with Stuyedeyed, The Los, Nowhere, and Chronic Anxiety. (Friday, The Willow, $10)

5. Vote for your favorite at Mr(s) BK – Round 1, the first of a four-week competition to crown the best local drag queen, where contestants will strut their best outfit, answer a Q&A, and give their best performance, hosted by Acid Betty. (Friday, Secret Project Robot, $15-20)


You are a work of art (#10). Photo via.

6. Shop for spring at Fascination Street Spring Market, where you’ll find over 20 vendors for the best in handmade punk, rock n roll, goth, kawaii, and lolita fashion, jewelry, art, oddities and more. (Saturday, Brooklyn Bazaar, FREE)

7. Stretch it out at Deep Beats Yoga where you’re led through an hour of DeepBeats’ Vinyasa Flow accompanied by your personal soundtrack of atmospheric deep house grooves. (Saturday, House of Yes, $25)

8. Shout an expletive at Love is a Four Letter Word, it’s the thing we all want, understand the least, and often fear the most, so explore the many types of love while focusing on the one that affects everything: the love of one’s self. (Saturday, New Women Space, $10)

9. Be wowed by DioMara, and see a performance and insightful conversation with the R&B songstress who will talk about the importance of women working together. (Saturday, Apple Store Williamsburg, FREE)

10. See unique faces at You Are A Work of Art, where the people in these portraits are strangers, sketched while riding the NYC subway, so imagine their stories and think about your own. (Saturday, Namastuy Healing Collective

11. See a night of short films Tree Girl Film Premiere and Other Stuff Marissa Likes, the premiere of comedian/filmmaker Marissa Goldman’s new short “Tree Girl” along with some other short films and performances. (Saturday, Vital Joint, $5)

12. Laugh the night away at Side Ponytail Comedy Show, a show full of hot fun and laughs, featuring Guilia Rozzi, Tina Friml, Geoffrey Asmus, and more funny comedians. (Saturday, Friends & Lovers, $5)

13. I want it that way at the Boy Band Sing-Along for a judgment-free night of singing along to boy band music videos, with all the words on screen so the whole crowd can sing and dance along together. (Saturday, Union Hall, $10)

14. Blast into space at Astral Turf: A Spring-y Space-y Dance Party, and have a blast in your best spacey and springy outfits, with cheap drinks, karaoke, and an intergalactic garden to hang out in out back. (Saturday, UnionDocs, FREE)

15. Enter another world at Ex Caelo: Ostara, an interactive art and dance party experiment, so choose your spirit guide for the evening represented by the four elements and be immersed in otherworldly performances and revelers. (Saturday, secret location, $30)


Learn to sew like a pro (#16). Photo via.

16. Sew like a pro at Into to Hand Sewing and learn the basics of hand sewing by creating a seam sampler to take home, and get to know 5 different stitches best practices for threading a needle, tying a knot, and more. (Sunday, Zero Waste Daniel, $25)

17. Leave with your own plate The Pussy Plate Painting Party, inspired by Judy Chicago’s 1979 feminist piece called ‘The Dinner Party’, it is a modern interpretation of the piece where each guest will paint their own plate signifying their perspective of what it means to be a woman today. (Sunday, Grand Street Healing Project, $25)

18. Get smooth like Sunday morning at Jazz Session Sundays, and kick back while listening to great music with a rotating cast of musicians, hosted by Dominic Carioti and Nich Mueller. (Sunday, Fulton Ale House, FREE)

19. There’ll be more than steel drums at the Mecha Sonic Party, pitting musicians vs. machines while creating a beautiful cacophony of industrial sound and musical destruction, which will range the gamut from brutally loud abstract noise to delicate touching pin-drop songs. (Sunday, The Rat Trap, $10)

20. Get ready for smart ‘n sexy at Comedy Ugly: A Comedy Strip Tease Show, where a group of comedians take the stage and in between punch lines, comics tease the audience by taking off one article of clothing. (Sunday, 3 Dollar Bill, FREE)

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