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The 10 best cheap things to do this week, sunset song edition

1. Laugh at the charts at Starf*ckers: Astrology, but Make It Comedy, a new comedy show about the science of astrology, where each month welcomes a lineup of comedians all born under the current zodiac. (Monday, Union Hall, $8)

2. Get some new summer duds at Thrift On! Clothing & Stuff Swap, and bring in your old clothes and stuff to donate, and take home items for free from the piles of booty. (Monday, The Keep, FREE)

3. Enjoy a long afternoon at Sunset Songs and watch a live performance by Zsela on the roof while watching sun set over Manhattan.(Tuesday, Wythe Hotel, FREE)

4. See dancers around the garden at Twilight Tuesdays: Eryc Taylor Dance, showcasing three dance works addressing the crisis of global climate change, presented in site-specific performances moving throughout the garden. (Tuesday, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, free with $15 admission)

5. Watch a real-life performance of The Wedding Singer, theater that casts the audience in speaking roles and ensemble singing alongside the actors, with scripts, props, and costumes all provided. (Wednesday, Knitting Factory, $16)

6. Titania and Oberon clash at Shakespeare In The Club: The Dream, Midsummer ’19 and see A Midsummer Night’s Dream the way audiences saw his original play: raunchy, sexy, mysterious, magical, and, in spirit, wholly of its own time. (Wed-Thu, House of Yes, $10-30)

7. Eco-trip at Psychoactivism: Psychedelics and the Climate Emergency, a discussion between psychedelic community, the activist community, and the environmental movement at large about climate change. (Thursday, The Park Church Co-op, $15-20)

8. Feast on fancy Fermented Foods and explore the process of fermentation, its history, and recent innovations, with local makers of kimchi, kombucha, and more. (Thursday, Brooklyn Historical Society, $10)

9. Hydrate your skin at the DIY Natural Face Toner Workshop, a class on making facial toner mists with natural ingredients including flower waters, essential oils, witch hazel, and more. (Friday, Earth Speaks, $30)

10. Try some flavorful British cuisine at A British Summertime Feast, where the menu is inspired by four iconic cookbooks: Dorothy Hartley’s Food in England, Fergus Henderson’s Nose to Tail Eating, Nigel Slater’s Toast, and Delia Smith’s How to Cook. (Friday, Archestratus Books + Foods, $45)

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