Grab a basket and carton of wine: in search of Brooklyn’s best picnic spots

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Picnic time in Fort Greene Park. Via Flickr's NEGS26.

Before we link to this L Magazine post on the best picnic spots in Brooklyn, let’s take a moment to appreciate websites that give you a “view as single page” or “full text” options instead of forcing you to click through seven different parts of a slow loading list in order to grub up pageviews (You’re on notice, HuffPo). That said, the L is out today with this sweet list of their picks for the best pic-a-nic spots in the borough, giving you the pros and cons of each, and listing the nearest market at which to stock up your basket. For instance, Sunset Park gets a pro for having vista views of the city and the Statue of Liberty and cons for how easy it is to get lost in its thick growth. Despite the fact that the L seems to have picked the dumpiest, most unattractive Google street view picture of each spot, it’s a solid list for planning your outdoor season activities.

What’s your fave picnic spot?

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  1. Sunset Park has indisputably the best view of any Brooklyn park; the Manhattan skyline is beautiful. It’s got trees for shade, and is pretty clean. And if you’re too lazy to pack a lunch, you’ve got Chinatown to the east and great Mexican to the west, five minutes walking either way.

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