Yankees and Mets cheap seats guide

If only they were as cheap as the 1921 World Championship tickets.

By now most fans have heard that the $5 seats at the new Yankee stadium sit next to the massive Mohegan Sports Bar, leaving the field only partially in view. But how much do you have to pay to actually catch the action? Maybe if you’re a serious fan as well as a hardcore budgeteer you’ve already created your own personalized iPhone app that identifies all available seats with the perfect equation of value and field visibility. If you haven’t, here’s a good look at what you see from the various cheap seats at both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

The Yankees
To make up for the terrible view from the $5 seats (which are worse in real life than in this official photo), the Yankees have placed three plasma screen televisions along the wall. Not the same. As it turns out, the $14 bleacher seats and the $22 seats in the upper deck are far better options. See photos below:

$5 seats at Yankee stadium. Warning: actual view may be worse.
$5 seats at Yankee stadium. Warning: actual view may be worse.

$14 seats at Yankee Stadium (left field).
$14 seats at Yankee Stadium, left field.

$22 seats at Yankee stadium, upper deck.
$22 seats at Yankee stadium, upper deck.

The Mets
The three least expensive tickets offered by the Mets are $11, $15 and $21. The $11 and $15 seats are all the way up in the top deck, but the $15 seats are a much better deal because they’re around the infield. The $21 third-level seats see the field from the same angle as the $11 seats, but one tier closer to the field. Beware, however, that prices change depending on the team being played. For the Mets series against the Phillies next week—a hot ticket—the $11 seats can go up to as much as $27, the $15 can go up to $35 and the $21 increase to $49.

$11 tickets at CitiField
$11 tickets at Citi Field.

$15 seats, CitiField.
$15 seats, Citi Field.

$21 seats, Citi Field.
$21 seats, Citi Field.

Game tickets are sold through Yankees.com, Mets.com or Ticketmaster, all of which charge a $2.50 per-ticket fee for downloadable tickets (more if you want them mailed). But fans can also get deals on stubhub.com, an online ticket swap where prices often beat the stadiums’. Tickets are sold through auctions or outright; we found non-obstructed seats at an upcoming Yankees game against the Rangers for as little as $6. Stubhub charges a flat fee of $5 per ticket order, no matter how many you order. If you have other secrets on landing discount baseball tickets, send ’em along…


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