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Humble nail salons of Brooklyn, we salute you! This unassuming place in the rural hamlet of Ditmas Park isn’t much to look at, but it delivers a hell of a mani-pedi for $17. We won’t go into too much detail, but their handiwork is so thorough it borders on podiatry (sorry fellas if that sounded gross, but the whole nail-care enterprise actually kind of is) making it superior to any other we’ve tried in the under-$20 rung, let alone at those overpriced pink chains with silly cocktail specials. Three gripes: L & C only gives you 10 free minutes of massage chair, the polish colors can be a bit uninspired, and the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned since cherry red claws were in. But a true cheapskate always brings her own bottle so she can touch up at home, and you should always bring your own nail kit unless you want a fungus. So ladies—and alright, gentlemen—let your fellow Brokelyn readers in on your favorite places to get cheap BUT GOOD mani-pedis.

L & C Natural Nail Inc., 1619 Cortelyou Rd. at E. 17th St., 718-826-2371


  1. I go to a place in Williamsburg called Polished at Graham and Devoe. awesome $20 mani/pedi mon-wed and the rest of the week they’re $25. these ladies are the best!

  2. I’m with you Faye – no matter what – try to bring your own tool kit. So much better than someone else’s yuck under your nails.

    In addition to your choice, I also like to go to 2 of the Gorgeous Nails outposts – MacDonald and Ave I or Avenue M between East 14th & E 13th Streets. Beware though, both are in the heart of the Orthodox community and I recommend staying away on Thursday evenings and all day Friday!

  3. Sue–I got a cooty at the place on Avenue M. It was only temporary, but it left a mark on my nail until it grew out.

  4. L & C is my go-to place, and I agree that they are surprisingly thorough. However, I must warn everyone that they are utterly rigid in their unwillingness to go beyond the 10 minutes in the massage chair. I have offered to pay extra and still they refuse.

  5. I’m fond of a place called Jenny Nail (I think, something like that) on Kings Highway right around where it splits off from Quentin Road, around E. 13th-ish. Second floor, very simple unassuming place, but they’re very inexpensive and do a great job. Sorry, can’t remember exact price now, but I remember thinking they ought to charge more.

  6. Can’t remember the name of the place (M&N?) but it’s on 18th Ave between 76th & 77th Sts.

    haircut+eyebrow wax+man+pedi=$32

  7. MIMI nail salon on Bond b/w Fulton & Livingston in Boerum Hill.

    $6 mani/$13 pedi and $5 for nail art. They do nice designs on nails if you ask.

    They are very sweet women, too.

  8. If you live in/near Ft. Greene, Ruby Nail on DeKalb is amazing. The most through pedi I’ve ever had, and the owner does good waxing. And it’s really affordable.

  9. Kim–I just noticed that you posted a place where a haircut, eyebrow wax, mani and pedi is $32? How is this possible? Is it really good?

  10. The unassuming, apparently unnamed nail salon right off the Marcy J stop (Jamaica-bound), on the Southern exit. $6 for a manicure; the mani/pedi combo is $16, and the service is so good I always feel like I’m cheating them.

  11. i have a the BEST deal in Greenpoint: $16 mani pedi at Greenpoint nails 782 Manhattave ave bet Mesorel and Calyer.. they have late hours too..718 349 7458

  12. This is my recession-friendly beauty routine:

    Pedicure: rub vaseline generously on my feet before bed and put on socks at night. Trim nails & cuticles after a shower. I got the good tools from CVS for the price of half a pedicure, and they never looked so good. It’s easier to get at all the cuticle thingees, too!

    (I do the same thing to my hands, and wear and old pair of dime store gloves from time to time to let the petroleum jelly soak in).

    Eyebrows, check in the mirror every other day or so, tweeze to keep in shape from my last threading session 2 months or so ago.

    Other facial hair (yes, I have it): NADS facial hair remover strips from CVS –

    Barely takes 5mins a day – saving on that trip to the salon. Plus, I like taking care of myself =).

  13. Tried L& C recently & was beyond disappointed. Their instruments were rusty & I have been finding out that they as well as many nail salons use fake Essie polish (N.K Nail Salon @ Newkirk Plaza admitted it). They just refill empty Essie bottles with cheap polish.
    The rusty instruments should have been my cue to scram but I went through w/the mani. After, I stayed to dry my nails but the polish ended up with the worst bubbles ever…
    They do great eyebrows though!!

  14. Re L&C, the good news is that the polish lasted almost a week; however, the bad news it was a redo as they put it on too thick so when my nails were under the dryer, the polish bubbled. The man who runs the place was not happy that I brought it to his attention. He had her redo it. I would add to take your own sandals. Not sure I’ll return there, even though they are around the corner from me. There’s another shop across Cortelyou…not as plush.

  15. In light of the negative comments, I went back to L & C to see if I had just gotten lucky. But I have to say that once again I was impressed, especially with the sloughing or exfoliation or whatever it’s called. No bubbling problems, but I should also note that I bring my own polish too (in addition to the tools) so I can fix it myself if it chips.

  16. South Park Slope – 5th ave and 21st – Diamond Nail Salon. It’s not much to look at but no fear – $10 pedi and if I recall correctly, a mani/pedi is $12. Simple, no problems, a little bit of a massage chair and foot scrub. I wouldn’t recommend anything other than having nails done, but what a deal!

  17. i go 2 L&C all the time. but i ONLY for pedicures and i ask for kitty. but that place is horrible to do nails. the guy who owns it his name is charlie and he leaves you sitting there (while doing your nails) to smoke nd DOESN’T WASH HIS HANDS AFTER !disgusting . dont do it ladies

  18. Don’t waste your time with this nail salon paying less isn’t always the best choice…..The manager in the salon is very disrespectful and unreasonable and so are the workers. If you want to feel lower than when you walk in… this is the place to be…GOOD LUCK…I WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN…

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