The 7 best Brooklyn questions on Quora right now

So why IS Target always a disaster? Quora users have answers. Photo via Brownstoner.

Have you used Quora yet? It’s a fun and sometimes fascinating question-and-answer service built on a social media backbone. The questions range from crowd-source help for tech geek stuff to all sorts of silliness, such as “Given our current technology and with the proper training, would it be possible for someone to become Batman?” which contains way more in-depth discussion from screenwriters and IT managers than you might imagine. The answers often come from experts, journalists, techies, professors and other folks who should Know What They’re Talking About. You can find out a lot about Brooklyn by poking around the site right now, from why Target is always a disaster to why BK is scientifically cooler than Manhattan.

Where is the tree located in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? 
Spoiler alert: It’s in Bushwick, but Betty Smith only called it “East Williamsburg” to appeal to real estate agents and midwest transplants.

Where can I access free wifi in Brooklyn?
From a far-too-broad question comes some actually useful answers, including an NYC OpenData wifi hotspot map.

What is it like to grow up in Brooklyn? 
Which elicited a long and detailed, phot0-studded response from a Bath Beach native who talks about diversity, crime and a whole section on fads, including: “Butterfly knives were everywhere in high school. People mostly had them for tricks rather than self-defense.”

Why does the Target store in downtown Brooklyn always look like a disaster?
To which a former employee responds: “I used to work there eons ago. It’s sales rank in the Top 5 stores nationwide consistently. There is a lot of turnover, younger, less responsible workforce, definitely understaffed, and there is so much traffic it’s hard to keep the store maintained.”

What are the best places for all-you-can-drink brunches in Manhattan?
Although “your apartment” is not among the answers

Why is Brooklyn cooler than Manhattan?
Surprisingly, the most popular response is “superior zoning,” although someone takes a different approach and says it’s the “urban heat island effect.”


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