Best places to find beer-n-shot deals

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Mullane's photo by Anna Jacobson.

You walk in a bar some nights with more gainfully-employed friends, and the first thing you do is open your wallet to count the bills.  All the while, of course, you consult the price list and try to calculate that perfect (maximum) drunkenness/dollar ratio. Best to head off the math problem altogether by going to one of the many bars around the borough that offer beer-and-shot bargains. Here, a few of our favorite value-meal combos.

Levee, 212 Berry St., Williamsburg, 718-218-8787
The deals: A can of Black Label beer and a shot of Evan Williams bourbon (The Sportsmen Special) for $4; a bottle of Lone Star beer and a shot of tequila (Texas Two-Step) for $5; a bottle of Bud and a shot of Jagermeister (The Frat Boy) for $5
While you’re there: Grease up that alcohol. The bar serves chili dogs, Frito pie, sloppy joes (all available vegetarian) and bologna sandwiches until 4 a.m.

Bushwick Country Club, 618 Grand St., Williamsburg, 718-388-2114
The deal: Shot of Old Crow whiskey and a tall boy of PBR for $6
While you’re there: Go play mini golf out back. It ain’t the U.S. Open, but it’s free, and there’s a working windmill made of PBR cans

Mini-golf at Bushwick Country Club.
The mini-golf course at Bushwick Country Club.

Trophy Bar, 351 Broadway, Williamsburg, 347-227-8515
The deals: A shot of tequila and a can of Tecate for $5; a shot of Overholt whiskey and a bottle of Bud for $5
While you’re there: Hit up the decently-stocked jukebox and hang out on the back patio.

Mullane’s, 71 Lafayette St., Ft. Greene, 718-797-7606
The deal: Shot of whiskey and a can of Genesse Cream Ale for $5
While you’re there: Watch the game on any of the bar’s dozen or so flat-screen TVs. It’s sports-bar-central here, people.

Brooklyn Ice House, 318 Van Brunt St, Red Hook, 718-222-1865, (no Web site)
The deals: Can of Tecate and shot of tequila (The Fiesta) for $5; can of PBR and shot of Evan Williams whiskey (The Stevedore) for $4; Bud and a shot of 100 proof rye (The Liberty) $5
While you’re there: Enjoy more cheap beer and play some board games in one of those mercifully unpretentious Red Hook neighborhood bars.

Coco66, 66 Greenpoint Ave., Greenpoint, 718-389-7392
The deal: Can of PBR and a shot of whiskey for $5
While you’re there: Head to the stage in back for any of the bar’s solid free events, including weekly comedy showcases, jazz shows and movie screenings (free popcorn!)

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  1. I just got back from paying 8 euro (about $11) for a pint of warm beer in Dublin for a week. I’ve never been so happy to see cans of PBR in all my life. Also I heard there’s a place in Billyburg that has $1 pitchers some nights. An investigation is underway.

  2. Royale in Park Slope on 5th at 12th has a value menu with a bunch of combos. I prefer the high life and a shot of wild turkey for $7. They just added a PBR and Evan Williams for $5 as well.

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