Best bars in Bushwick to rock out with your scotch out

We’ve caught wind that Cutty Sark is curating a Bushwick music series this November and December and we think you should know about it. Sure, it’ll be winter, but we’re New Yorkers. While the rest of the country will be hibernating with Netflix, we’ll be kicking it to live music they could only dream of. But we’re not superhuman – even we need a little liquid warm-up to brave the weather (and the dance floor). That’s why we’re happy to announce a music series that combines good music, good whisky and a good cause.

Cutty Sark, in partnership with For It! Records, an artist collective of 100+ bands, are sponsoring shows across Bushwick with some killer acts. Here’s the best part: you Brokelyn fans can practice philanthropy while partying on the cheap. Tickets are just $7 and all proceeds will go to the Noel Pointer Foundation, which provides music education and enrichment programs to inner-city youth.  Oh, yes, there will be drink deals on Cutty cocktails and beer & shot combos. Better yet – Cutty Sark will be matching each ticket sale, so your dollar goes even further.

This being the platonic ideal of a brokester bash, we’re giving you the lowdown on what bands you can catch and where. Grab a tumbler of Cutty (hold the ice) and join us as at the best Bushwick venues to rock out with your scotch out.

Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Ave.

The Bushwick Public House celebrates “coffee, whisky, and culture”, which also happens to be our agenda for the weekend. While we could go on about the smoothness of the cortado or the cheesy sandwiches, we’d rather discuss the merits of their water of life selection. Their whisky shelf is like an ochre-to-hickory rainbow with booze at the end. Their small, intimate stage attracts bands like Good Looking Friends, Stay Inside, Concrete Concrete, and Cave Paint. Grab a mellow scotch cocktail and stay tuned for more great shows like this in the future.

140 Wilson Ave.

Great music, amazing food, good prices. Usually you can only choose two for any place in Brooklyn. But with Alphaville you get the whole shebang. They’ve got music nearly every night of the week, their nugz (chicken nuggets) and burgers are killer, and the whole menu is under $13. It’s a Bushwick dinner-and-a-show date spot if we ever saw one. Bring your bey to their kicking Cutty show on November 6, featuring Giant Peach, Small Drag, and Sister Munch. Added bonus: Stay for karaoke after the show! Drink specials run until midnight. (Alphaville, 8pm – 11pm)

Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.

Pine Box Rock Shop may have a grim name, but an evening spent there is anything but. The wood-paneled walls feel like you’re hanging out in your friend’s giant finished basement, except there’s a full bar, live shows, and a bunch of people into good music. PBRS shows musical acts from all genres, so you can choose the gig to fit your mood. We’re looking forward to the November 20 show with Greg Mendez, Chubby Bunny, J Boxer (of BLUFFING), and Rachel Lightner (of Nervous Dater). (Pine Box Rock Shop, 9pm – 12pm)

The Well
272 Meserole St.

The thing about the Well is it just keeps going. Not only can you get lost in the massive indoor hall lined with a billion beer taps, but you can get your daily steps in just walking the length of the quarter-acre outdoor space. Nevertheless, the Well still feels like a local bar with amazing live music, friendly bartenders, and tons of drink deals. Burn off your Thanksgiving turkey belly at the upcoming November 30 show, featuring Ellen and the Degenerates, Cold Wrecks, Answering Machine, and Mean Siders. But first warm up with a beer-shot combo! (The Well, 8pm-12am)

Cape House
2 Knickerbocker Ave.

The name “Bushwick” evokes gritty post-industrial buildings, street art, and DIY music venues. But one of the best places to eat and listen to live music wouldn’t be out of place in Hyannis. Cape House is a New England clam shack with classic fried seafood dishes like clam strips, mussels, and crab. This being a nautical spot, they’ve naturally got a full bar with beer and, yup, whisky to keep you warm. And since this *is* Bushwick, they attract awesome bands, like the Cutters, Great Wight and Smol Data, all of whom will be bringing down the House on Thursday, December 10 (Cape House, 8pm-12am).

You can’t make the show, don’t worry! You can still help out worthy causes just by drinking Cutty Sark wherever you end up. Their parent company operates the Robertson Trust, the largest grant-making trust in Scotland. With every sip of Cutty whisky, you’re supporting charities around the world.

For more information on this music series and all other Cutty Sark events in Brooklyn, follow @CuttyBK on Instagram. Don’t forget: tip your bartenders and tag your photos with #DockHere!

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