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Beer yoga in Brooklyn: 5 places to do it (it’s officially a thing)

You’ve heard of beer, and you’ve heard of yoga. But have you heard of beer yoga?

Beer yoga has been a growing trend over the last few years, slowly stretching across the nation and unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for it to arrive in New York.

When this author spotted the staggering trend in 2015, it was unclear whether beer yoga was a fad that was too good to be true, or too ridiculous to persist. But folks, it looks like it’s here to stay, only growing in popularity since that summer. The best part is, it’s surfacing at some of our favorite breweries in Brooklyn.

The best yogis, like the best beer nerds, are the ones who don’t take themselves too seriously. In the best case scenarios, combining popular pastimes like these brings like-minded, chill people together to kick back—or up, or sideways—and have fun. Here are five places to find the best beer yoga in Brooklyn.


Coney Island takes beer yoga to the beach with their Mindful Pints program every Wednesday. Photo via Coney Island Brewery
Coney Island takes beer yoga to the beach with their Mindful Pints program every Wednesday. Photo via Coney Island Brewery

Mindful Pints: Yoga and Beer at Coney Island Brewery
Address: The beach! (Meet at Coney Island Brewery, 1904 Surf Ave., Coney Island)
Next class: Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017, 6:50pm
Price: $5

Every Wednesday, Coney Island Brewery hosts Mindful Pints: Yoga and Beer for sunset yoga on the beach, a beer yoga experience that beats the rest in terms of price and location. Each class takes tipsy troops to a sunset yoga class on the beach, followed by a pint at the brewery, all for just $5.

“Being on the beach has created a really cool opportunity to provide a unique experience,” said “Freak Chief” Devin O’Brien, who runs the events at Coney Island Brewery (he’s also a Certified Cicerone, AKA the sommelier of beer). “Beer is built into the price of the ticket, so the beer is $5 and the yoga class is free.”

After you’ve redeemed your free yoga class and $5 pint, beers are offered at happy hour prices for $2 off for yogis ($5 per pint, as pints are usually $7). Or, for Brokelyn Beer Book holders, you’ll get a second beer free.

Challenge level depends on the instructor, but O’Brien says you’ll most likely be following the lead of Meg McNeal, whose track record includes a Williamsburg Equinox. “She’s been fantastic, so we use her for most of the classes. She kinda kicks people’s butts a little bit, but you’re on the beach with the sun going down, so everyone talks about it being relaxing as well…at least for the end poses.”

Upcoming classes will take place, weather permitting, on August 16, August 23, August 30, and so on, until it’s time to pack it in for the summer. “As soon as the weather becomes prohibitive, we’ll put the kibosh on it,” said O’Brien. “But until then, there’s no real plan to cut it off.”

Class starts at 7pm, but plan to begin your journey at the brewery no later than 6:50.


Watch where you're balancing that beer, bro. Photo: Strong Rope Brewery
Watch where you’re balancing that beer, bro. Photo via Strong Rope Brewery

Beer and Broga at Strong Rope Brewery
Address: 574A President St., Gowanus
Next class: Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, 7pm
Price: $25

“Broga”—bro + yoga—was started by Zenberry with the intention to create a space welcoming muscle- and machismo-challenged yogi wannabes. Today, it’s expanded from a guy-focused yoga class to one where all genders are welcome, positing the tagline, “where it’s ok if you can’t touch your toes.”

At Strong Rope, $25 includes a 45- to 60-minute long yoga workout and a complimentary beer, paired with, say, heavy metal or some other energetic music. To keep things masculine, the routine is geared toward strengthening the back, arms, shoulders and chest. You know, dude body parts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No matter your judgement, gender identity, or flexibility, the Broga vibe promises to be “comfortable and challenging,” according to this very chill video.

One attendee also described the class as “very, very exhausting,” so you know, everyone’s different. But, no matter the journey, the reward is the same: beer. BYO mat, water bottle, and towel. And bring your Beer Book for a free beer after class!


Wag your tail in the air like you just don't care at Wartega Brewing's beer yoga class.
Wag your tail in the air like you just don’t care at Wartega Brewing’s beer yoga class. Photo by Sophia Del Gigante

Beer and Yoga at Wartega Brewing
Address: 33 35th St., 6A, Sunset Park
Next class: Oct. 14, time TBD
Price: $25

Wartega Brewing got in on the beer yoga trend thanks to body positive babe/blogger, NY Foodgasm, who created the Beer Fit Club, a women-owned company that combines the partners’ two passions: beer and fitness.

With an emphasis on having fun and feeling fine, the Beer Fit Club’s beer and yoga classes go the extra beer mile: Unlike classes that reward you with a beer after class, this one incorporates the beer into a vinyasa flow, so you’re sipping and stretching all class long.

“I came up with the idea to incorporate the beer instead of waiting until after and she [Rose Fava, “Chief Yoga Officer”] ran with it,” said NY Foodgasm and Beer Fit Club founder and CEO, Sophia Del Gigante. “The drunken warrior sequence is my favorite. We go into warrior one with the beer in hand, to warrior two, and then peaceful warrior [to] sip,” she told Brokelyn.

Another favorite pose of Gigante’s: “Drunken rowboat…boat pose with beer in hand, swing in and out of it, switching the beer between your hands.”

Head spinning yet? Gigante assures the class is more fun than dizzying. “It’s a challenging class, but you’re having so much fun you don’t notice!”

You can learn more about the team here, including Gigante’s personal and astounding journey—she lost 73lbs bringing beer into her exercise routine. See? Beer is good for you.


Don't you want to drink this after a yoga class at the Brooklyn Brewery? Photo via Facebook / Brooklyn Brewery
Don’t you want to drink this after a yoga class at the Brooklyn Brewery? Photo: via Facebook / Brooklyn Brewery

Ohms and Ales at Brooklyn Brewery
Address: 79 N 11th St., Williamsburg
Next class: Oct. 17, 2017
Price: TBD

As one of the first beer yoga proponents in Brooklyn and the country, Brooklyn Brewery has put on beer yoga events with the likes of Hosh and others. Their next beer yoga event is scheduled for October 17, though details have not yet been firmed up. Check their events page or follow Brooklyn Brewery on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


Sweat out Saturday night sins with Surf Yoga Beer Rooftop Yoga at Northern Territory. Photo via Facebook / Northern Territory
Sweat out Saturday night sins with Surf Yoga Beer Rooftop Yoga at Northern Territory. Photo via Facebook / Northern Territory

Rooftop Yoga at Northern Territory
Address: 12 Franklin St., Greenpoint
Next class: Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, 9:30am
Price: $25

Run by Surf Yoga Beer and hosted every Sunday, Northern Territory, Rooftop Yoga at Northern Territory brings sun salutations to the next level atop the Australian-themed bar and restaurant. Their next class is scheduled for Sunday, August 20 at a bright and early 9:30am. To those capable of saluting the sun that early on a Sunday, we salute you.

Free minds pair well with free beers: don’t forget your Beer Book at Brooklyn Brewery, Coney Island Brewery, Strong Rope Brewery and Wartega Brewing.

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