Come work with us: Brokelyn is hiring salespeople for our Beer Books

Do you like beer? How bout bars? Sweet deals? Local news sites? Wow, you love ALL those things?! Aren’t you the perfect candidate.

For years, Brokelyn has been putting out our beloved Beer Books, providing the Brooklyn public with beer passports worth 30 beers in 30 bars for only $30. We put out two for Brooklyn – an Upper and a Lower, both of which are now sold out – and one for Queens.

We’re looking for freelance salespeople to sign up bars for our Brooklyn books. Being a part of our Beer Books is mutually beneficial for us and the bars: being in the Beer Books brings bars new customers who come with friends and spread the good word. It’s a fun gig if you dig chatting with bartenders and managers and exploring all different corners of Brooklyn.

To apply, email Bobby any past sales experience you have and the top three bars you want to pitch.

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