Beat this woman at Boggle and get a free drink!

annThis is Ann. She’s half of the gracious couple that owns our favorite new Park Slope bar, The Sackett, where we had our Boggle night/holiday hang last night. A great evening all around—from the groovy crowd to the Poor Man’s Punch (our new signature cocktail) to the Bogota Bistro empanadas to the killer jukebox (Public Enemy/Fugazi/The Replacements) to the impromptu performance by John Munnelly, our adopted troubadour. But back to Ann, for a moment. Previously unbeknownst to us, this woman is the Tiger Woods Kim Clijsters of Boggle. Modest though she seems, she slaughtered everyone in the room, including several tag teams of two to three players. Let’s just say that it’s no small shame for a room full of wordsmiths to be eviscerated en masse by the bartender.

So we ask—can someone, anyone avenge our defeat? Stop into The Sackett and try. If you beat Ann in a single round, she’ll give you a free drink, and we will give you your proper due on Brokelyn. But save your scorecard—we’ll want to know all of your five-letter words.


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