Be the first one to jump into McCarren Pool (for $150, that is)

Summer is coming.

Local nostalgia is so short-term that it takes the form of crusty 30-something dudes in faded trucker hats and Bloc Party T shirts wandering around north Brooklyn saying “back in my day, we used to have concerts in the flim-flam McCarren Pool!” And yes, there was an actual pool there a long time ago that no one remembers because everyone in Williamsburg over 35 is dead. This summer the pool is returning on June 28, and oy what a spectacular shit show it’s going to be. But if you are dying to get first crack at before the pool is full of PBR urine and awful jokes about jumping into it “before it was cool,” you can get a special access to a pre-party on June 27 by paying $150. Or wait a day and it’s free, whatever.¬†

The $150 pre-party includes cocktails, dinner, entertainment and a silent auction, all to raise money for maintenance of the park and the new programming at the rec center. Oh and Adrian Grenier is on the host committee. Man that dude is everywhere.

After that, it’s open season for everyone. We can’t wait to see it in action.

[via DNA.info]


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