Be commander in cheap with $1 Brooklyn deals

Dolla dolla deals y'all

If you’re anything like me, you may feel a small debt of gratitude to George Washington on President’s Day.  The man who brought most (or some) of you a three-day weekend deserves a little respect, and what better way to pay off your debt to democracy  and our first president than by flashing his face around?  In honor of our first commander-in-cheap, here are the five of the best Brooklyn values you can get for a Washington (aka $1) while you have the day off. 

Obscure history:
By far one of the more quirky but under-appreciated museum spaces in New York City, Williamsburg’s City Reliquary lets you in for just a $1 suggested donation. The collection includes thousands of ephemera from the city’s history, from subway tokens and signs to postcards and a cabinet of Statue of Liberty memorabilia.

At Kai Feng Fu in Borough Park, a dollar gets you three to five dumplings, or three fried pork buns, in this hole in the wall on the border of Sunset Park and Borough Park. Be thankful you don’t have wooden teeth to contend with the delicious fried dough.

That ocean phlegm may seem like a dish of the posh Redcoats, but gastropub Cornelius in Prospect Heights lets you suck back some shells for just $1 each, a special that’s good all day, every day.

Monday is always dollar PBR night at Rope in Clinton Hill.  This chill dive spot has a reputation as a great neighborhood bar that we’ve been meaning to check it out for a long time. And you’ll be honoring another president too: The bar is located right near the corner of Clinton Street.

Grab a taco from Tacos Metamoros in Sunset Park. It’s worth digging in the couch to find some extra quarters to cover these $1.25 tacos.  Since Washington’s face is on the quarter, the man who couldn’t tell a lie would probably hold his tongue if you spent a bit more of him.

Or if all else fails, plan a retreat:
Replicate Washington’s retreat from New York City and head south to either Washington, Philly or Baltimore: if you plan far enough ahead, you can grab one of those famous $1 fares Bolt Bus reserves for each bus. A quick search couldn’t find any dollar fares for the next month, but keep checking because they will pop up as more buses are scheduled.

What are your favorite $1 buys in Brooklyn, outside the dollar store?


  1. julia_says

    I live in Clinton Hill and used to frequent Rope. I was under the impression that they stopped doing dollar PBR’s on Mondays. Are dollar PBR’s back?

  2. Tim Donnelly

    also, from our friend’s at The Sackett bar in Park Slope today: Happy President’s Day – 1 George Washington buys you a Genny Cream Ale during happy hour today!

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