Batman TV show ‘Gotham’ looking for ladies to be background baddies

It’s about James Gordon waiting for Batman to get to Gotham actually, but whatever. BATMAN

Has it ever been your dream to be part of an expanded comic book universe that doesn’t actually deal with the main character of a superhero tale. Or just to be on TV? Because in either case, we’ve got a great opportunity for you, with Batman-based TV show Gotham holding open auditions in Brooklyn today and tomorrow for women who want to be background biker gang ladies.

Yes, you read that right,¬†Batman-based.¬†Gotham covers the origin stories of both James Gordon and Bruce Wayne before they were Commissioner James Gordon and Batman, respectively. Ignore those nerds wailing about how this will just throw he characters’ continuity further in flux, and just take the shot to be on TV. The casting directors are looking for women to play biker chicks, and the only requirement is that you aren’t in an actor’s union. But you know, biker chicks who are attractive enough to be on TV.

Give that Brooklyn has plenty of women who have leather jackets and some tattoos but who aren’t actually worn down by years on an uncaring road and sleeping on the floor of roadhouses, your competition could be tough. Still, couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Just shoot a candid picture of yourself and your contact information, over to gotham [AT] And maybe get your leather jacket run over once or twice, just for good luck.

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