Barclays Center getting GQ-branded barbershop

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Brook Lopez volunteering to trim some beards while he’s on the disabled list

We’ll give Nets owner and firearms aficionado Mikhail Prokhorov credit where it’s due: with his expensive team floundering but still inexplicably in contention, the championship-hungry owner has made a big addition…to the Barclays Center. Because basketball just isn’t enough to get people in the door, the Barclays Center is adding a barbershop run by GQ (the magazine) and Fellow Barber¬†that will be open during events at The House Shawn Carter Built. Will it be expensive? Of course it will, but do you have any ideas to help the Nets pay the luxury tax?

Starting January 10, you’ll be able to pay $40 for the privilege of getting your haircut after giving up on yet another lackluster Nets home performance. Although with a .466 home winning percentage, there’s ALMOST a fifty percent chance it will be a haircut of victory! Befitting a team with a $100 million payroll, something as simple as a shave and a haircut will be $75, twice or three times as much as it will cost you around town.

Seeing as how we have no idea what this place has to do with basketball, we’re just a bit less excited to hear this news than we were when we heard about the Boomer and Carton Kitchen. Although we guess now Jason Kidd has a more humiliating task than “filling out reports” to stick Lawrence Frank with.

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