Bar of the Week: Clinton Hill’s Hot Bird

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Hot Bird, photo via ultraclay

This is the second entry in our series on venues featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book 2. Today we feature one of our new entries: Hot Bird, a new addition to the Clinton Hill bar scene and the site of Brokelyn’s Pre-gift/Re-gift holiday party. See the whole list here at the Brokelyn Bar Guide.


546 Clinton Ave. at Atlantic Ave., Clinton Hill

What it is: An adorable, old timey bar inside a 1930s gas station with the look and feel of Brooklyn at its finest.
Why we love it: Awesome music (all pre-1979), a great rotating selection of craft beers on tap, delightful bathrooms and friendly bartenders.
Who to bring: Friends visiting Brooklyn, that cute person you met yesterday, smokers (to take advantage of the ample outdoor space and fire pit).
What to order: The beer selection is constantly rotating, so ask the bartender for a recommendation (see the “Why we love it” section.
Hot Bird fun fact: The name is an homage to a now defunct BBQ restaurant whose unmistakable black on yellow murals still intrigue many. Sadly, the Hot Bird signage is going the way of the dodo as development comes into the neighborhood.

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  1. I strongly disagree, I think the prices are just right and even cheaper than most. Plus they’re happy hour is 7 days a week until 8pm ($4 on a great selection of beers) Fantastic! The whiskey selection is solid too. Love this place and it’s generous accommodations for groups and parties.

  2. I don’t drink beer so I guess that’s the problem. The whiskey and wine is too rich for my blood. I haven’t been able to afford drinking at bars in the neighborhood since Ratner stole Freddys from us. Us brokavores will continue to drink at home, I guess.

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