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Bar of the Day: The Bell House

Picture 46This is the fourth in our series on the venues featured in the Brooklyn Beer Book. Today’s spotlighted establishment is The Bell House, the Gowanus bar and music venue best known for live music, comedy shows and other events events including the Connect 4 championship featured in a fancy video produced by Rob Blatt and hosted by Brokelyn’s very own Beth Hoyt (left). Check it out after the jump.


149 7th St. between Second and Third Avenues, Gowanus, 718-643-6510

What it is: In the back, a great venue for rock shows and comedy fests, in the front room, comfy couches and 12 taps.
Why we love it: It’s that rare event space that even feels inviting when there’s nothing going on.
Who to bring: An old friend you haven’t seen in eight years—or a new friend you want to see more of.
What to order: Dub pies and Kentucky beer cheese. When you’re done with your beer, trade up to a cocktail.
Bell House fun fact #1: Whoever wrote the drink descriptions is a genius. The bourbon-and-ginger-ale Tighten Up cocktail is “Like a wedding vow whispered only to you under a willow tree … by a stranger … holding a Louisville Slugger.”
Bell House fun fact #2: The world’s largest Connect 4 board was officially documented at this bar. Watch the video here.

Connect 4 Tournament at The Bell House on Vimeo.

Rob Blatt is an independent podcast producer and owner of Blattcave Studios in Brooklyn.


  1. I like Bell House. I like their selction of beers and events. I organize a monthly event there. Drink are too expensive, and should go down, or have more drink specials like a beer and a shot.

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