Bar we love The Saint Catherine has $1 happy hour meatloaf sliders now

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Mmmm…sliders. via The Saint Catherine

Hey, not to be nosy or anything, but how’s your Beer Book adventure going? You’ve got less than 60 days to finish one, or both of them off, so if you’ve ever wanted to really push your casual alcoholism, now is the time. Especially if you haven’t used your coupon for The Saint Catherine (660 Washington Avenue), because beyond being a cool bar to spend time at, they now have $1 meatloaf sliders during happy hour. Don’t have a beer book coupon for the Saint Catherine? Go anyway, it’s $1 sliders!

The addition of the super cheap bar food turns the happy hour into a, well it’s still a happy hour, it’s just a happier one now. Weekdays from 4pm to 8pm, you can snag $2 off drafts and also make sure you keep putting something in your stomach for just $1. Sneak out of work, your boss won’t notice, and that guy has to mellow out anyway. Between these and the two-for-one brunch cocktails, we’d say the Saint Catherine is really living up to the “Saint” part of its name.

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