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BAM is holding a 24-hour movie marathon, for charity

bam movie marathon
Finally, Clueless will get the appreciation it deserves.

Charity marathons are a good idea in theory, but in practice? All that running, all that training, and it’s all on top of the time you spent hectoring people for money for whatever charity you’re trying to help. Better to spend time hectoring people for money and then sitting down to watch movies for 24 hours straight, which is a thing you can do now thanks to BAM’s 24-hour movie marathon in September. The only training you’ll need to do for this is watching Netflix late at night and making sure you stay awake.

The movie marathon, going down on September 5, is being held to raise money for BAM’s education efforts in the arts with their in- and after-school programs, so you can definitely talk about what a great person you are if you raise money for this. Like a charity marathon, it’s up to you to raise money from friends, family and we suppose strangers if you don’t mind approaching them, in the amount of $250 at a minimum.

Your reward for this will be hanging out at the BAM Harvey Theatre for 24 hours, watching movies that pertain to subjects taught in school, so things like Clueless in place of English class, Jurassic Park in place of biology, Dazed and Confused in place of uh, skipping class and getting high. Of course, there won’t just be movies. You’ll also get free massages, free yoga, and three free meals courtesy of Ted & Honey to help power you through the hard work of watching movies on a giant screen. Which we know is hard work, but we think you have it in you to make the sacrifice. Oh, Taylor Schilling from Orange Is The New Black will be there too. There’s only 500 slots to participate, so if you love, love kids education and love fundraising, sign up here and get to bothering your friends.

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