BAM and then the free stuff hit you

Play your cards right and you could basically be living here

Except for the lucky few of you who actually make a living through the arts, the story of the person who introduced you to them doesn’t get you anything. Maybe a hookup at the bar if it’s a particularly sad or good story. But now BAM wants to hear about who it is that got you to embrace your creative side and how they did it, be it an uncle who took you to a Talking Heads show or a cool older sibling who mocked you until you stopped reading Star Wars novels and read some Vonnegut.

You can enter the contest by sharing your story, of less than 250 words, on BAM’s Facebook page until December 31. After that, you’ll be judged by BAM employees, with the 10 favorite stories being held up for a public vote. If you can win both those rounds, you win a pretty sweet haul of prizes, including a season pass to the 2013 Winter/Spring season of shows, a free movie pass for a year and $300 in Chase gift cards. Maybe use them to buy some opera glasses, since you’re gonna be living fancier for a year.

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