Baby’s All Right has a $1 frozen cocktail happy hour in June

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Artist’s rendition of how good you’ll feel after spending just $4. What? You still have to tip on each drink. via Facebook

Aahhhh summer. Nothing like boob sweat, arguing with your roommates over their share of the electric bill and free events up the wazooo. But after this brutal winter we’re not complaining. We’ll take all the boob sweat mother nature can muster.

When ya gotta pay your share of the electric bill though (to keep the boob sweat at bay at home, at least) those $10 and $12 cocktails really start to add up. So you’ll be relieved to hear that all every day in June, Williamsburg restaurant/bar/music venue Baby’s All Right (146 Broadway) has a happy hour special of $1 Pink Baby frozen cocktails from 5pm to 8pm. And their happy hour is…..Every. Day. *floored*

The refreshingly cheap concoction has grapefruit vodka, mate (as in yerba mate) and lemon juice. It’s dead cheap and sounds delicious, unlike other drinks in the same price range that are better used to clean your shoes than to actually consume.

But are they strong? It is our deepest journalistic integrity to find out. Anything to beat the boob sweat. But no matter how strong they are, pace yourself with them, and don’t become a living embodiment of those “Two Drinks Ago” subway posters. That’s playing right into Mike Bloomberg’s hands.

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