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Artisanal Spam is fake, but this Spam food truck is somehow real

spam food truck
Come on now. via Facebook

Earlier this month, we showed you the fake phenomenon that was Bushwick’s artisanal spam-making duo. Yes, it was a joke, just in case you were still confused. Now though, in a case of life imitating April Fool’s jokes, the Hormel Food-Like Products Company is rolling out a Spam food truck. We guess because the only thing that could improve canned meat is breathing in exhaust fumes while eating it?

And when we say this is life imitating art, we really mean it. Not only is there a Spam food truck serving up fancy Spam snacks like Kimchi Spam Musubi Croissants and Coconut Spam Spears, the food truck rollout comes with a ridiculous god damn video that hits all the earnest, artisanal notes that are so big right now:

We swear, if we didn’t know this was actually affiliated with real Spam, we’d swear it was an expert parody, what with all the incredibly earnest banjo music and talk of creating and the beards and the tattooed hands opening a can of spam and the people just casually doing some woodworking. And it’s all powered by Spam, “the meaty inspiration behind creative innovators, makers and doers.”

Not a parody
Not a parody

For whatever reason, the Spam truck is skipping a visit to Real America, with Philadelphia being the closest city to New York that the truck is visiting on its tour of Spamerica. So, we guess if you want to get “meaty inspiration” from a faux-artisan corporate garbage food truck, you’ll have to hope the T.G.I. Friday’s food truck make a return to Northside this summer.

(h/t Grub Street)

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