Art Walk the Open Studios from Atlantic Ave. to Bushwick

Camel Art Space will be home to 37+ BOS artists.
Camel Art Space will be home to 37+ BOS artists.

If art-gazing’s your thing—even a little—then this weekend’s your Christmas, New Year’s and July 4 rolled into one. Today through Sunday, the Atlantic Avenue Artwalk and Bushwick Open Studios, two of Brooklyn’s biggest displays of its thriving creativity, are taking over their necks of the woods. Whether you’re part of the scene, have a friend who’s part of the scene, or you met someone at a loft party once who dressed like he was part of the scene, get out there. Your art cred is about to go through the roof.

Today marks the beginning of Bushwick Open Studios 2010, a huge celebration of the area’s enormous artistic community. Founded in 2007, BOS has blossomed, and this year features over 300 registered shows. As you tour building after building of artists’ lofts, you really never know what you’ll find—a David-esque sculpture, paintings entwined with the intangibility of identity and authenticity, a provocative dance or just a plain ol’ dance party. Oh, yeah, and free drinks at 115 venues.

BOS is happening throughout Bushwick and even into Williamsburg. Check out the map and directory to pinpoint exactly where you want to start, but any of the L/G/J/M/Z trains will get you there. Friday, Jun. 4 to Sunday, Jun. 6.

Starting Saturday, the Atlantic Avenue Artwalk is a showcase of art “along the cultural corridor of Atlantic Avenue through the historic neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Gowanus, and Downtown Brooklyn.” While most of walk is a self-guided tour down Atlantic Ave. through galleries and studios, you can also take one of several tours curated by local artists and historians. Exhibits include public art, participatory projects, music, film screenings, workshops and more. Visit the events page for a full picture of what’s going on, including a fair glut of neighborhood specials and deals.  Expect your right brain to get a workout.

Your best bet is to take the 2/3/4/5/B/D/M/N/Q/R  Trains (one of them, anyway) to the Atlantic Ave-Pacific St. stop and walk west. While most featured studios are on Atlantic Ave., download the tour map to find those that aren’t. Saturday, Jun. 5 to Sunday, Jun. 6.

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