Are you a master debater? ‘Obsolete’ author up for a challenge

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Anna Jane looking misleadingly demure. Click to hear her Hey Brooklyn podcast.

Do you A) smoke cigarettes, C) hand-write letters in cursive or C) wear a wristwatch? If so, Anna Jane Grossman wants a piece of you. On Thursday night at Word bookstore in Greenpoint, the pretty and witty author of Obsolete: A Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us By is going to be reading from her book and debating anyone who’s a willing and passionate defender of landlines, boomboxes, cursive writing, lickable stamps, airport good-byes (currently only possible with the purchase of an additional ticket) and other relics from eras gone by.

Anna Jane happens to be one of our favorite contributors, and so she’s asked your Brokelyn homie to moderate the verbal jousts. (Bribes will be accepted.) The evening’s best debater gets gift cards to Word and Permanent Records, and anyone who signs up gets a Brokelyn 2.0 t-shirt, in our new gray, black and white hipster palette. Get details at the Word bookstore web site, and brush up on your rhetorical skills with a little help from Schopenhauer. Not that we’re taking this too seriously or anything.

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