Are these the best cheap mani/pedis in BK?

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Brokester in chief Faye picked this as her fave affordable salon. Can you do better?

There was probably a tragic time when you wrote off manis and pedis entirely. They seemed to be a luxury so posh and foreign you couldn’t even afford to press your nose to the window and watch someone get one. But thankfully, Our Lady Brooklyn knows a nice mani — like pizza and beer — should be cheap and available to all. Brokelyn’s covered some of our favorite nickel-and-dime nail shops in the past. We’re revisiting the topic after Time Out New York ran a list of the best affordable finger-picker-uppers across the five boroughs, but could only find two in Brooklyn. Check their list against ours and tell us: what’s your pick?

According to TimeOut‘s ranking, the only picks for Brooklyn’s bargain buffers  are Williamsburg’s Agua de la Vida salon and D’Beaute Beauty Boutique in prim Park Slope. Both spots will do your digits for under $10, less than $1 per nail if you boast a full set, which isn’t much more than buying a whole bottle of polish at Rite Aid. The Fancy Lady in me knows this is a good deal, since I can never make it even halfway through a bottle before the color makes me feel nauseous, bored, or like a 5-year old for one week too many.

So can we add to this list? Do you know of a cheaper nail haven, where the polish flows as freely as a cheap sparkling wine, a place that TONY’s researches could never find on their own? Time to fess up, and while we’re at it, how high have you gotten off those fumes?

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  1. There are about 10 places in a 3 block strip that do a Mani and Pedi for around $16 on Church Ave in Kensington. They’re on either side of Golden Farm. I’ve been to a few different ones and have been happy with all.

  2. there are some mani pedis that just paint your nails though, which i hate. if i’m paying you, you should take an angle grinder to that shit if you have to, or at least buff my nails and fix my cutes. i’d pay for that, but i can soak my own hands n paint my own nails tyvm

  3. $20 m/p at Meet2 Nail & Foot Care Center 299 Flatbush Avenue Downtown Brooklyn. 718.399.2699

    Great spot with those Massage chairs while you get your pedicure.

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