Last day: win free BK Meatup tix!

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Next time, it could be you enjoying a pantsless smooch. Photo by Jenene Chesbrough.

Maybe you’ve hard of the BK Meatup, which our friend Erica at FuckedinParkSlope so elegantly explains here. It’s the singles event (meat market + meetup = meatup) that we’re co-hosting with FIPs and Brooklyn Based on Wednesday September 30. We’ve got jello shots. We’ve got a makeout booth. We’ve got a La Cense burger truck parked out front. We’ve got a hot comic emcee. And we’ve got a hilarious contest we’re trying not to talk about too much so we don’t scare people off.

We’ve also got five free tickets (normally $10), which we prefer to call Meatup Scholarships, because that way everyone keeps their dignity, and plus we’re not just going to hand them out willy nilly to the 30th emailer or some crap like that—you’re going to have to write us a witty note explaining why you deserve one. Send an email to [email protected] by FRIDAY explaining how, exactly, our Meatup will be enhanced by your presence. Special skills, zippy dance moves, encyclopedic knowledge of arctic marine life and eye-catching facial hair all could be considered pluses. Piteous confessions like “I haven’t had a date in 53 years” and “my ass boil finally cleared up and I’m ready to party” will result in prompt rejection. Photos accepted, in fact encouraged, if they help make your case, but please, not this kind. And we respectfully reserve the right to share any and all of the above with our readers, in the name of public service and our continued shilling of this awesome and potentially life-changing event.

More details:

FIPS, Brooklyn Based, and Brokelyn Present:

149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 643-6510

Tickets, $10 in advance and at the door, on sale now.


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