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Apply now for a $368/month studio apartment in this fancy Greenpoint complex

Apply now for a $368/month studio apartment in this fancy Greenpoint complex
Not shown in the rendering: you looking out the window of your new affordable studio. via

Rent is due tomorrow, and you’re probably feeling the squeeze today— or at least asking yourself why you still pay $950/month to sleep in a closet.

But just in time for the last day of the month, there’s hope for a better future. Brick Underground reports that an affordable housing lottery is now open at Five Blue Slip, one of a trio of low-rise condos going up as part of that Greenpoint Landing mega-project that was announced last year.

102 affordable units are available in the building, and boast actually-affordable rent costs starting at just $368/month for a studio. Heck, that’s probably around what you pay for your artist studio or co-working space right now. And you can’t even shower or cook in those!

No one’s thrilled about losing a view to condos, even low-rise ones. But it’s happening, and the best way to stick it to the developers is to score a cheap unit at below market value. 

Of the affordable units available for rent, only a a small number fall under the “extremely cheap” category. There are just two studios available for $368/month, three one-bedrooms for $396/month and five two-bedroom units starting at $482/month.

As salary numbers increase, so do rent costs — and availability.  There are 14 studios available for $822/month, 18 one-bedrooms at $882/month and 30 two-bedrooms at $1,065/month. Eligible incomes range for each, but $13,955 is the minimum annual salary to qualify for the $368 studio and $38,100 the maximum you can make for the $822 studio. Check out if your annual income qualifies here.

The building’s amenities include a laundry room, bicycle room, fitness room and a community courtyard. North Brooklynites will have an advantage in the lottery, as %50 of available units are being set aside for residents of CB1, with an additional 5% set aside for mobility-disabled applicants, 2% for those who are hearing or vision-impaired and another 5% for municipal employees.

If you don’t fall under any of the above categories but you meet the income eligibility requirements, and you can handle rubbing shoulders with Brooklyn’s elite renters from the nearby high-rise towers, it’s still worth a shot! Applications are open through December 29. There’s no fee to apply, and you can head to the city’s Housing Connect website to do it today.


  1. I make around $32000 a year and I’m a disabled veteran. I sign up for these all the time but never hear back from anyone. Is this one of those things where you gotta know someone who knows someone to get picked?

  2. I have been looking for an apartment for over 2 years now and right now where I’m living they’re renovating so I have to move out so by the end of this month I have to find somewhere to live thank you I need your help please thank you again very much.

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