Jobs now scarce enough they’re reality show prizes

Rejected title: “Who Wants To Be A Hundredaire?”

To paraphrase a comedian from The Moon show last month, it is probably a sad state of the economy that we now have a reality show wherein the prize is not money, trips or washer-dryer sets but a … job. The CBS show, simply called The Job,  aims to give contestants “a chance to win dynamic positions with potential for enormous growth at …  at their dream company in industries such as fashion, game design, sports, travel and entertainment.” Of course, considering current conditions, we might consider slapping some bitches on TV for health insurance ourselves, and maybe you would too, so you can now apply to be on it!

Deets, via CBS:

From reality show masters Michael Davies (“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” “Watch What Happens Live”) and Mark Burnett (“Survivor,” “The Voice”) comes a new reality series, THE JOB, where every week talented candidates are chosen from across the country for a chance to win their dream job at one of America’s most prestigious companies.

Host Lisa Ling guides participants through several rounds of challenges as they compete for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land the job of their dreams. If you’re interested in applying, contact the casting department ASAP! Please include your name, age, & contact information. Also attach an updated résumé, two recent photos of yourself, and a brief cover letter/bio stating why you’d be perfect for “The Job”.
Email: [email protected] to apply.
 They’re also looking specifically for line cooks who aspire to work at a five-star restaurant, according to this listing.


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