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Now TGI Fridays is getting into the coworking game too

Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.
Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.

It’s tough being a roving freelancer in New York City: Cafe owners are cracking down on free wifi, #brands are constantly co-opting your hustle and you get so frustrated at not being paid on time, sometimes you just got to sing about it. It can seem like the city is conspiring against you, closing in around you and constantly raising the price of cold brew when you are just looking for a seat and a reliable wifi signal.

But lo, fear not, for today we learn of one company stepping up to help out overworked freelancers: TGI Fridays, the nation’s leading app-developer, is offering a “Fridays Office” coworking space with free wifi at its Forest Hills location starting this week. It happens to coincide with the return of its Endless Apps special too. If your work schedule would be drastically improved by making your weak freelancer’s body stronger by consuming a feed bag full of mozzarella sticks and the occasional blueberry Long Island iced tea, get your ass to Forest Hills. 

The Friday coworking day is part of the location’s larger revamping, which includes a new brunch menu, “open hangout area” featuring “premium coffee” and mobile payment options. Sounds like somebody got forwarded a memo about millennial dining trends. But all this ain’t so bad compared to the fake artisanal food truck the company tried to pull off a few years ago.

“We have been a part of the Forest Hills community since 1998, and we are looking forward to showing off our commitment to the town and the new look of the restaurant,” a press release from the company reads.

For a look at what it’s like to sit at a Friday’s all day eating apps under the guise of “work,” please read Caity Weaver’s brave gonzo journalism report on this topic from Gawker (RIP).

There are probably worse places to get work done in the city, but if coworking without the smell of Jack Daniel’s® rib sauce in the air is more your style, check out our comprehensive list of coworking spaces in Brooklyn.

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  1. Brian

    What day is this happening? Asking for a friend. If it’s on Friday, they really made that a difficult one to figure out. At least for this stupid millennial.

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