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Apartment hunt: Some cheapness remains in Bushwick, Bay Ridge


We had a nice run, right? We saw week after week of decently cheap real estate. That was probably our first mistake: we were getting too comfortable. So this week brought the jaded blush back to our cheeks, as rent seems to have gone way back up. Maybe start signing away your organs; you don’t need that extra kidney, anyway. Our apartments this go-round are in Bed-Stuy, Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Bushwick, Crown Heights and Flatbush. Lots to choose from, so that’s nice.

May as well save the best for first, so here’s this 4-bedroom duplex in Bushwick for $2,990.  Rent’ll be under $750 apiece—that is, assuming it’s a four bedroom. The listing is billed as four but describes only three? We think the fourth is this badass downstairs space pictured above, especially since there’s already a living room in the upstairs. Full bath on the top floor, half-bath on the bottom. Also a private backyard, and a dishwasher! Pets allowed. Off the Myrtle-Wyckoff L/M.



It’s all about the peace & quiet of Bay Ridge in this 3-bedroom apartment. $2,500 gets you what sounds like a small house. With pretty blue walls! Living room, dining room, closed front porch. Full bathroom, eat-in kitchen, and has at least three of the basic kitchen appliances your might consider essential to your survival: dishwasher, gas stove, refrigerator. Off the 86 St stop on the R.



Photos may not be the listing’s strong suit, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve seen this Crown Heights 2-bedroom apartment for $1,650 in person! This spot is on the 3rd floor of a landmarked brownstone, which will at least bode well for your house not being bought and destroyed! We know almost nothing else about this spot, except that it’s in a great location for a reasonable price. So check it out. Off the Nostrand 2/3/4/5 and the Kingston-Throop C.



Rather large and slightly farther south, this 2-bedroom in East Flatbush boasts a lot of amenities. Like more bathrooms than there are people (there are 2.5 bathrooms). So okay, for $1,650, it looks like you’re actually getting two whole floors—1st and basement—with the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms on the top floor. Then in the basement, “two additional rooms” and the half-bathroom. Wait, more bedrooms? Anyway, shared backyard space too. Heat may be yours to handle, since the only thing covered for by the landlord is water. Off the Church 2/5.



Here’s a “massive” 3-bedroom for $2,400 in Bed-Stuy. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, natural light and proximity to an express line. One and a half bathrooms, too! The listing title should rank as one of the amenities of this apartment. You’ll want to hang a sign in your front hall after you rent that says, “A True Diamond in the Ruff. Opportunity Knocks. A Dream Apartment. The Price is Right.” Off the Utica Av. C.



Here’s one you can live in for a whole 30 days before starting to pay rent! It’s one month free in this convertible 4-bedroom apartment for $2,500. If you decide to turn that smaller extra room into a bedroom, even a skewed four-way split would have everyone paying under $700. Reside in that magical threshold between Bushwick and Bed-Stuy! Bask in your expansive living room space. Dance across the hardwood-laden floors. Spill things willy-nilly on your granite countertops and wipe them clean as if they were never there. Dishwash to your heart’s content! Off the Chauncey J/Z and the Rockaway Av C.



Last up, a rarely-seen opportunity to live in Brighton Beach in this 3-bedroom apartment for $2,450! Doesn’t this picture just scream, “I live on a beach?” Scroll through the listing photos and look at that goddamn view. The building is elevator-equipped, and you can bring your pet to gaze upon the shores with you. Laundry in building, hardwood throughout, King-sized bedrooms. Oh, and being literally ON the beach. Off the Brighton Beach B/Q.

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