Apartment hunt: Cheap finds in Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy


It’s already almost July, which means that we’re moving into (hah, get it?) the season where everyone who ever went to college somehow has to move at the same time. Why? Because we’re all still clocked into lease turnovers that match academic semesters of days past. So get ready to claw at your fellow higher-educated man for these apartments—they’re pretty sweet. This week we’ve got plenty spots in Crown Heights, a few in Bed-Stuy and one shining gem in Dyker Heights. Have at it!

Kicking things off is this glorious-looking NO FEE 3-bedroom in Crown Heights. It’s $2,100 and tucked into Crown Heights proper on Park Place, between Rochester and Buffalo Avenues. Prewar and post-punk. Soft-core, hardwood. Laundry room… and I don’t really have an opposite for that one, it’s just a laundry room. Anyway, there’s also closet space and a half-bathroom in addition to the main one. Big closets, even-sized rooms, and pets allowed. Proof of natural light is in the pictures. Off the Utica Av. 2/3/4/5.



Hey, wait a sec. The wall colors on this no-fee Crown Heights 3-bedroom for $2,200 are the same as the above…and the realtor is the same… and… and you were there! And you, and you, and you! Basically, this apartment is in the same building. In fact, turns out it’s one of a number of similarly-priced listings in the building. And as such, they all have similar amenities, that seductive no-fee status, and a “come hither” price tag that you should snatch up while you can. Off the Utica 2/3/4/5.



Shifting gears into 4-bedroom mode, to share this big Bed-Stuy apartment for $3,000. Three cheers for a private terrace! Hip-hip, hardwood. I’m not going to say that three times, because it’s terrible. But you know what isn’t terrible? Stainless steel appliances, slightly different-sized bedrooms so someone could pay less if they needed to, and a location that puts recent rent findings to shame. Off the Kosciuszko J.



The listing photos are sparse and don’t quite convey what I’d guess is actually a great deal: 3 bedrooms in Crown Heights for $1,850. That’s just over $600 apiece to live between Kingston and Albany Avenues, on Bergen Street! The apartment has windows and closets in every bedroom, exposed brick and high ceilings in the common area, a bathroom with a tub, and such proximity to the trains! Off the Nostrand 2/3/4/5, Kingston 3, and the Kingston-Throop C.



Y’all. Y’all. (I’m not from Texas, I’ve just been overcompensating for my Canadian roots since I got here). Look at this 2-bedroom apartment for $1,400! It’s in Crown Heights, t’s big, and it costs very little moneys. Ground floor, new construction, closet space. The only downside is it’s not so close to the train. Actually, there could be a lot of other downsides. But there could also be upsides, and maybe even upside-downsides, and maybe you should just go see it instead of sticking around to read my useless vamps about real estate which have no bearing whatsoever on the value of the place you might be renting. Off the Rockaway Av C, and the Utica Av 2/3/4/5.



Dear god, this is cheap. Tucked away in Dyker Heights, this 4-bedroom, 2-bedroom apartment is only $2,300. So for $575/month if you split it evenly, everyone enjoys a luxurious, spacious and well-lit spot in a private family home. One bedroom is billed as “the master bedroom,” so perhaps you’ll want to split up the rent accordingly after all. But it’ll still be cheap. Aaaagh, look at this French window! Off the 71 St D.



Last up is the mother of all these apartments. Not necessarily the best, but certainly has a feeling that it could have birthed all the others. It’s a 3-bedroom in primo Bed-Stuy for $2,390. Private roof deck FTW (!!), spiffy hardwoods, open kitchen/living room combo, queen-sized bedrooms, and high ceilings. Second floor of a walk-up, at Gates & Tompkins. I am a resident of Bed-Stuy, and I endorse this message. Off the Bedford-Nostrand G and the Kingston-Throop C.

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