What’s your pick for Bklyn’s best?

raffleThat’s right, we’re holding a raffle, and it’s going to be the best one Brooklyn has even seen. Why? A year ago this month, Brokelyn emerged from its primordial blog ooze and started bringing you all you need for living big on small change, and received some mighty fine accolades along the way). To celebrate our first year, we’re all going to live even bigger, just for one special night before the carriage turns back into the G train. On June 10, we’re having a party at Night Owl in Williamsburg — and we’re going to raffle off the best that Brooklyn has to offer.

This ain’t going to be some Stephen-Baldwin-DVD and hamster-grooming-gift-certificate door prize bunk.We’re talking the kinda stuff you might buy if you weren’t stuck contemplating creative new income sources. Our Brokelyn elves are busy rustling up the loot, but we want to know what you want for our birthday! Since you’re the ones who are going to be coming to the party and buying the raffle tickets (or else!!!), you tell us: what fine Brooklyn goods and services would you like to win in THE RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY?


  1. sarah

    FOOD. More than anything, that’s what I wish I had more money for. Gift cert for Robertas or Buttermilk Channel or even something like The Meat Hook…swoon.

  2. meghan

    yes! a brownstone (neighborhood of choice), a nice haircut (no woodley and bunny, those guys are rip off artists) and an unlimited metrocard all sound nice. i also wouldn’t turn down the cute bike option.
    but also maybe a huge gift certificate for the new barneys coop? or for some cute boutiques around town?

  3. Here’s a short list:
    *Arecibo gift certificates
    *BAM Cinema membership
    *Robicelli cupcakes subscription for a year
    *LOVE the unlimited metrocard idea @Tim
    *Celebrate Brooklyn VIP tix

  4. A Cab ride home after getting blasted! Does that come in gift certificate form?

    Stay-cation to one of the swank Victorian B&B’s in Ditmas Park.

    If I was not a “certified Brokester” I would love the ability to give a large dinner party for friends. So maybe the space, table, and money to do that!

    And a dog. Can you get someone to donate their dog for a day? The benefits of pet ownership without the long term responsibility?

  5. When I dare to dream, I dream of sampling the wares of Brooklyn’s indie fashion and jewelry designers.

    And, hey, isn’t Gilt Group based in Brooklyn? I need clothes.

  6. A new bicycle, not from Craigslist but from an actual bike shop, would be aces! And a gift certificate to Buttermilk Channel = not too shabby. How about a shopping spree at OAK? Then lots of cash for daily cappuccinos from Gimmie Coffee so I can chuck the grimy go-mug I’ve been sporting for so many years.

  7. diana

    what about new goodies to go along w that new bike like: helmet/bell/lights/seat/basket etc

    speakers for an ipod

    pet supply store cert (cause some of us got the dog before we realized how broke it would make us)

    blue marble ice cream gift cert

  8. – Tokens for Brooklyn Brewery
    – More of those beer books
    – BAM membership
    – BK Museum membership
    – BBG membership
    – I love the idea of a stay-cation at a B&B in Brooklyn

  9. Duckie

    Food that Brokesters can’t afford:
    Cheesecake from Juniors
    Pizza from Grimaldi’s
    Steak at Peter Luger’s or Mortons

    Love the unlimited Metrocard idea… never had one of those. And the B & B staycation is cool, too.

  10. –A REAL vacation. Out of town and everything. Staycations are the only thing I can afford already.

    –Shopping. Please turn window shopping into real live shopping.

    –A facial, or something silly like that. Something where people prod your body and make it beautiful.

  11. Tiffany

    GC to a kitchen store like Brooklyn Kitchen or Whisk. GC to Trader Joe’s, a booze store like Dandelion, Greene Grape or Brouwerij Lane. One of those unlimited movie passes from BAM.

  12. re: dog for a day…

    please god. someone come take him. Cute, adorable, sweet as pie, cuddly small white dog for rent (by rent I mean TAKE HIM) for a day. Guys- you WILL meet girls with this dog. He does tricks. He is adorable. He gives tons of kisses and is not vicious, yippy or obnoxious. I would love to be able to spend an entire day in the city without being riddled with guilt.

    someone. god please. take him.

  13. Samantha V

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm. let’s see
    BAM top tier membership
    gift certificate to Deity’s supperclub. that shortrib was heavenly at the atlantic attic last year
    full facial and massage spa package
    a bike!
    trader joes gift certificate!

  14. Yo this will be da bomb da bomb diggety with DJ Small Change ..that negro can really throw down..(mazel tov my bro)…and I oves da Broeklyn groove yaah.. fellow broke -asses get there ..walk, bike. carpool…car jack nahh don’t do that..smile…

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