Mama Brokelyn Mondays: Buy early and see Annie on Broadway for $39

Annie on Broadway

Each Monday, Brokelyn will be offering a niblet of kid-friendly content from now on. If you hate kids, please skip this and read about ugly tattoos instead.

Moms, picture this: a crisp fall day, an overpriced midtown burger in your belly, and you and 11 people you mostly like settling into seats for a matinee performance of Annie, smug in the knowledge that you paid only $39 while the Larchmont family sitting next to you is paying full boat. Yes, the lovable hard-knocks imp is returning to Broadway this fall, and while previews don’t start until October 3, how bad can this cookie-cutter feel-good musical be? (And will your kids really know the difference?) And if you’re willing to take the risk and pull together a group of 12 (hello fall birthdays!), you can get preview performance tickets for $39 if you act like an early bird buy them before Labor Day. Normally, way more, probably. For more information, call the group sales line at 212-944-7215 or email [email protected].

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