Anna Sui inventory: Target line (mostly) sold out online, still available downtown

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Two days after its debut, is it still possible to shop Anna Sui’s Gossip Girl-inspired line for Target? Not online. With the exception of a few oddball sizes that no one wants or can fit into and a few styles that are … dare we say … lesser choices, the web site is pretty much picked clean. So we went off to check the racks at two of the Brooklyn stores this afternoon to see what, if anything, was still available.  

A mid-day trip to Target at Atlantic Center found a decent selection of tops, skirts and dresses, including some of our favorites (the Sheer Dot Dress and Feather Dress) that are already sold out online. A solid selection of vests, tunics and blouses also managed to survive the Sunday mob. (One drowsy employee, perhaps still reeling from the weekend crowd, confirmed that several styles were already out of stock.)

With less than half of the selection available at the Atlantic store, the racks at the Flatbush Junction Target were emptier than Nate Archibald’s trust fund. Of the eight or so items still up for grabs, there are at most four pieces of each left and only in a smattering of sizes. We spotted only one Silk Printed Tunic, which stands out as one of the collection’s “that can’t be from Target!” items.

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