Andrew WK has financial advice for you: Spend all of your money

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It’s easy to say when you’re rolling in sex wipe money. via Andrew WK

Andrew WK has lived many lives: party king, failed ambassador, sex wipe spokesman. When a man lives that much, he gains a certain wisdom that you can’t get when you aren’t endorsing sex wipes. So of course, Marketplace asked the man to impart some words of financial wisdom. WK suggested investing your money in a low-interest but safe savings account, and also- nah, just kidding. He said to spend your money with reckless abandon.

Of course, would you expect anything less from a dude who filed “piss yourself” under the “Good advice” column? No. Frankly, the idea that Andrew WK wouldn’t tell Marketplace something like, “The only thing that money is meant for is spending. And that’s especially true when you spend it on partying” is too stupefying to imagine.

Obviously you should read the whole thing, but aside from the abovr piece of excellent advice, our favorite was definitely Andrew mentioning that “A few years ago, I had a very wise person explain to me that money is just like ‘magic paper’, and this magic paper allows you to do amazing things.” Sounds like someone is a top candidate for a job at Vox Media.

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