An unfortunate event and 11 other free ways to enjoy the week

Lemony Snicket comes to Brooklyn to snarl about his new book
Lemony Snicket comes to Brooklyn to snarl about his new book

1. The Bushwick Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics hosts an April Fool’s show that can’t be beat, which will include a pinata, wedding favors and dark whimsy (Monday)

2. Someone just donated a bunch of craft books there, so Brooklyn Launchpad invites you to come craft with them (Monday)

3. Ditch work early so you can catch Lemony Snicket talk about his new book at Powerhouse Arena (Tuesday)

4. Satiric reading group Animal Farm takes a break from words and sees if this whole “film” thing has a future (Tuesday)

5. Is your usual game of bingo usually not refined enough for you? Try Branded’s white trash bingo, then (Tuesday)

6. The Crappy Cinema Council celebrates the third anniversary of their birth by focusing on death in the movies (Tuesday)

7. It’s never too early to start listening to mayoral candidates deliver their talking points. And this team, they’re coming to us (Wednesday)

8. Think you know reproductive rights? Put your money where your choice to whether or not to make a baby mouth is at Know Your Roe Reproductive Rights Trivia (Wednesday)

9. Words With Beers has their April edition. They claim to not have fools. Only one way to find out (Wednesday)

10. Crowdsource some prose to be featured in a zine, at Bushwick studio Art Helix (Thursday)

11. In between all the music and dancing at Target First Saturdays, you can also learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about zine-making. Or at least everything they’re willing to teach you (Friday)

12. Party Like it’s 1999 has a decent proposal for you: you come to the Bell House, they play music, and you dance. It all checks out (Friday)

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