An evening with Pee-wee Herman and 12 other weekend events

He's a longer. A rebel. There are things about him you wouldn't understand. Couldn't understand.
He’s a loner. A rebel. There are things about him you wouldn’t understand. Couldn’t understand.

1. Show you’ve given up on love by hitting up Bushwick Daily’s Valentine Apocalypse and participating in their dating game (Friday)

2. Pretend to be someone else as bands pretend to be other bands at Spike Hill’s Valentine’s Day masquerade (Friday)

3. Spectacle invites you to bring the weirdest movie you can find to them and try to to convince an audience to watch it  (Friday)

4. It’s supposed to snow Saturday, so turn your walking tour of Brooklyn Heights into a walking snowball fight tour of Brooklyn Heights (Saturday)

5. Taste ice cream at Greene Grape Provisions and then head across the street to taste gin at Greene Grape Wine. You’re on your own finding a pizza tasting or something so it’s not all decadent tastings (Saturday)

6. I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my vintage cartoons, so love me maybe? (Saturday)

7. Spend an evening with Pee-wee Herman. See, that sounds more refined than “Watch Pee-wee all night.” huh? (Saturday)

8. Get a taste of ’70s mating ritual the roller derby. Don’t forget your short shorts! (Saturday)

9. Have barbecue for brunch at Mable’s Smokehouse. Comes with a free drink, this weekend only (Saturday and Sunday)

10. Be an extra in a Titus Andronicus video. Wear something bright so you can see yourself when it comes out (Sunday)

11. Check out the way subway advertising was, before we just had entire train cars plastered with Bud Light Platinum ads (Sunday)

12. Presentation Party Night will teach you about feminism, stuttering and metaphysics. Sounds like our college independent study degree (Sunday)

13. Pay tribute to J-Dilla at Donuts are Forever (Sunday)

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