Look out Ben and Jerry’s: Ample Hills is planning a venture capital-backed expansion

Coming soon to 7-11 near you? via Facebook
Coming soon to 7-11 near you? via Facebook

One of the perks about living in Brooklyn is our easy access to Ample Hills’ ice cream, which is really very good ice cream. Sure there’s the rent and the winter and the being crushed between trying your best to work hard and make it and trying to seem cool and above it all. There’s that ice cream though. Now the rest of America might be easily getting their hands on Ample Hills, because Business Insider reports that the burgeoning franchise is opening up an ice cream factory somewhere in Brooklyn with the goal of selling sweets to the rest of America.

Fueling this expansion will be $4 million from a collection of venture capitalists who comically hallucinated dollar signs hovering over the heads of each person standing on lines going out the door in Prospect Heights and Gowanus. The money from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and Red Sea Ventures and other [NAME] Ventures that you can’t put money in will be used to open a 15,000-square foot factory somewhere in Brooklyn that will employ between 25 and 50 people and could become Brooklyn’s very own version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Beyond the factory, the expansion plan involves opening up more brick and mortar stores in the city and around the country (not the rest of the country deserves it), and shipping it it to more grocery stores. It’s strange to wake up and learn that twee ice cream has been married to ruthless, exclusive capitalism, but we suppose if it results in you bring able to get a pint of Ample Hills when you visit family at home it could be good.

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