Art studio lottery offers prize of $350/month studio

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Just picture yourself in there, doin’ art

You’re here doing your art, but you don’t trust your roommate’s dog to not tear up your canvas when you step out for coffee. So, you think about getting a studio but Jesus, those things are expensive. There are offers for affordable studio spaces out there though. Like the one being offered now by Spaceworks that will hook you up with affordable studio space. Much better than being paranoid about the dog.

Obviously it would be better if the studio space you won was free, but if you win a chance to rent one of these Gowanus art studios, it’ll run you $350/month. Still, Spaceworks says they’re committed to providing studios at rates significantly lower than market-rate, and $350 is pretty, pretty below market.

Once you’ve entered the lottery (by October 15), you then play the waiting game while Spaceworks randomly draws applications from the magic art hat. Then they’ll actually look at your application, if they pick it, to see that you’re actively making art. After all, there are only two studios available, so they want to make sure they go to actual artists. So we guess, yeah, your chances of winning will probably hover somewhere around winning the actual lottery.

Don’t cry if you don’t win though. Well, maybe a little crying. Spaceworks is working on studios in Williamsburg and Governors Island too. If you can’t hold out until 2014 or 2015, you can still find¬†some cheap studio space, like here in Park Slope where a place has $225-$350 studios, or maybe courtesy of The Listings Project.

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