Adorable costumed dogs will be at Fort Greene Park for the Great Pupkin this weekend

great pupkin
Dawwwwwww. via Facebook

This week, like most weeks if we’re being honest, hasn’t been very good. This one feels more end of days than most, though, so you might be looking for a really good escape from the troubles of the world. In that case, let us recommend you immerse yourself in a world of dogs wearing Halloween costumes in Fort Greene Park. It’s called The Great Pupkin and it’s happening on Saturday.

We mean, we don’t know why you’d need to hear anything more than “dogs in Halloween costumes,” especially when you see that pup up there, but there are a couple more things we could tell you about it. For one, it’s not too late to enter your dog in it. Registration starts at 11am on the day of the costume contest, and will run you just five bucks, so skip one serving of chicken and waffles and snag your dog a chance at glory.

Judges will be determining the best costume of all, with prizes from dog- and human-friendly stores like Madiba, Doggie Day Trips, Urban K-9 and Chez Oskar all up for grabs for the best-dressed pooches and their owners. That being said, obviously everyone’s a winner when dogs in Halloween costumes get together. So, get to the monument stairs at the park on Saturday and forget your worries for a little while, because come on, look at those dogs.

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