Adopt the pet of your dreams, meet young Bruce Wayne at this weekend’s Super Adoption

Are your human friends always this excited to see you? No. They're not.
Are your human friends always this excited to see you? No. They’re not.

People friends are pretty neat, what with the secret-sharing and brunch-eating and bracelet-making. Sometimes, though, you want to rub your friends’ bellies and they’re not that into it because they’re lame. Or maybe you wish your friends were out of their minds excited whenever they saw you, or at least down to let you Instagram them wearing little hats all the time. Perhaps it’s time to step beyond the world of people friends and go make yourself an animal friend, which you can do on the cheap at this weekend’s free Super Adoption in Greenpoint.

Best Friends Animal Society is having their bi-annual Super Adoption event this weekend with three days of beautiful friendship at the Brooklyn Expo Center (79 Franklin Street, Greenpoint). More than 800 kitty, doggy, and bunny friends are ready to love you, and with adoption fees starting at just $25, you’ll have money left over to buy matching outfits. The pop-up event will be running from 11am-7pm Friday and Saturday and 11am-4pm Sunday, and your new friends will be running in your heart forever and ever.

There will also be some celebrities there for you to befriend. You’ll get a chance to meet Edie Falco and Bernadette Peters, along David Mazouz, aka young Bruce Wayne from Gotham, who will brood while the fluffiest puppy you ever saw tries to lick his face. Santa will also be there, and if he sees you being all nice to animals you might finally manage to elbow your way back onto the nice list after your decades-long hiatus. These opportunities are rare, so don’t take it lightly.

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