Add some sex appeal to your drink and draw with Burlesque Drink and Draw

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Want to draw her picture? Now you can. via Facebook

We are not the world’s most artistic people, it’s one of the reasons we use our words to make a living. That doesn’t preclude us (see, big word) from taking an interest in drawing things under the right circumstances. Like say, if there’s a bunch of alcohol involved. And then if you want to just go the extra step and decide we’re going to be drawing a sinful burlesque performer, well sure, what the hell, we’ll be there. Apparently Ditmas Park’s Bar Chord read our damn minds, because they now have themselves a burlesque drink and draw. Va-va-voom!

Every Wednesday at Bar Chord (1008 Cortelyu Road), craft mavens Brooklyn ARTery will recruit a burlesque dancer to sit there and look sexy and possibly even giggle at your jokes, we’re not sure about that one, so that you might draw her as well as you can. Does’t matter if you’re a beginner or have had work put up at the New Museum, everyone is welcome as long as you’ve got $12 and a few art supplies. The is an event that one Brokelyn staffer opined to appear to be “fun and sexy,” so who are you to argue with that. Plus, it’s cheaper than the strip club!

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