Ditmas Park/ Midwood/ Flatbush

Adam Sandler investigated for running illegal gambling operation out of Midwood bingo hall

nostrand bingo hall
The place where some grown ups were allegedly doing bad. via Google Images

Adam Sandler, a Midwood bingo hall operator who thought he could play big daddy is finding out that he might not be bulletproof after all, with the Brooklyn D.A. accusing him and a gang of grown ups of reigning over a $4 million gambling ring that was run out of the Nostrand Bingo Hall according to DNA Info.

No airheads themselves, the D.A.’s office has asked a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge to click freeze on Sandler’s (who has no relation to movie Adam Sandler) assets to prevent him from fleeing the country. According to prosecutors, Sandler and 14 other funny people have been running a gambling operation under the cover of an ordinary bingo hall and could face a litany of felony charges that would leave an ordinary man punch drunk, from money laundering to promoting gambling to possession of stolen property. While no charges have been filed thus far, we’ve at least all learned a lesson that you don’t mess with the proper legal process behind legalized bingo.

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