The massive A/C shutdown between Brooklyn and Manhattan starts July 11

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Be prepared to think of this exact image if you’re trying to take the A/C train this summer. Flickr image via MTA

We told you that this day would come, seriously we did, back in November. Today, we learned that the hilariously named Cranberry Tube (which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn via the A/C lines) will be shutting down for 40 non-consecutive weekends starting July 11. According to the Daily News, “there will be 12 weekend closures through November 14, diverting the trains to the F train tracks between the Jay Street-MetroTech and W. 4th Street stations.” So if you happen to be traveling on the two of three blue line trains any given weekend, you should check your transit app, so you don’t end up going through the East Village, when you actually want to go to Tribeca.

The reason for these closures is (you guessed it!) Hurricane Sandy. Almost three years since Sandy passed, the MTA (and the rest of us) are still dealing with the flooding caused by the storm. The R train re-opened in all of its antagonizing slow, local stop glory this past September, as well as the G train, which tunnel from Queens to Brooklyn was closed for a few weeks last summer for repairs and is still the G train. Our advice here is to grit your teeth and try not to lose your mind while waiting for service to return to normal, just like how we deal with the C train whether there are big Sandy-related closures or not.

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